Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have boarded vessels here in my professional capacity in the 70's

As we crossed the Thames at right angles to this ships approach,I prayed that our engine would keep going
the moat around coalhouse fort,very nicely manicured grounds(no ice cream van present)
Can't go in there mate elf and safety
wonder if they've got a licence for these?surprisingly I'm not jesting
The Victorian rubbish tip,where people had been excavating old galss bottles for resale

Wanna buy an Ack-Ack gun mate?
Old father Thames keeps rolling along ,down to the mighty sea
MV Dutchess the Gravend Tilbury ferry £1.90 OAP's v good value for money

the coal jetty to the power station at Tilbury which utilises a screw lift (check out the counterbalance)
A fine selection of horses with their foals ,who choose to leave manure across the footpath
This Kiwi cyclist(bike necessary as hitchhiking no longer accepted as normal)being given half our map to navigate to canvey Island(why would anyone want to go there?)Emma do you recognise him?
Princess Pocahontas at Gravesend ,a nice memorial in the local church

We did what it says on the tin-6 miles 6 of us (arrived by train)sunny/cloudy,very windy
I stopped on the way back for a sausage sandwich and a mug of tea at Norma's cafe ,with Mr D

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