Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is a mixture of Cess and paper by products and smells bad(so the townies say)

Bicknor Church all by itself nestling in the woods
Come on,stop sodding about with that flippin camera

Bredgar Village pond which I understand is lit at night

Bredgar Church

I suggested we pick a few apples and that I would keep a lookout,its in the middle of nowhere,luckily my suggestion was ignored a s a police car appeard shortly after
and slowed down to see what we were "up to"
Fighting over the map again,we had to backtrack as I was a little lost
Inspecting Plums

Below are HD

The Rv was the Bredgar Farm Shop Cafe(see ad)where we had bacon sandwiches,we crossed to the village pond ,which has a cobbled ford within to allow horses to cool off.
It is also alive with various,Carp,Goldfish etc which have been placed there by locals.
We crossed the rec,and I then took a wrong turning,but it didn't matter much,and we went down the road from Stiff Street farm.Deans Hill,Deans bottom,and then to the woods,through the orchards to Bicknor Church,a flint church,a bit unusual.(see pix)
Sawnton Farm,Bashford barn lane and then across fields being spread with muck to Bredgar Church.About 5 miles for 5 of us.V hot and sunny,and smelly.

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