Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


At this point,I had had enough! after only 8 miles ,it was hot and humid

The Jetty where they loaded explosives

There we go -one of the thirty (yes indeed) ramblers that passed us compared us to "Last of the Summer Wine"-bit of a compliment really

this birdhouse looks like about 1550 don't you think?

Faversham Creek (after)
Before (Faversham Creek)
The building above goes with the plaque,I was giving a tutorial on how to age a building like this and found that I was 25 years out!

We RV'd @sittbne rail station and got group travel(1/2price)returns to faversham ,the journey took about 10 minutes.From the station,we walked through the town up to the creek,and crossed the bridge and made our way past Davington Priory,
Reaching Oare,we turned on to the footpath along the edge of the creek and on to the sea wall.lots of expensive yachts and some older rust buckets tied up.We noticed loads of word-botchers with their telescopes and cameras,looking at some slightly rare bird species.Also a few brightly dressed ramblers.The weather started to heat up and we were saved by a nice strong sea breeze.But not for long.As we turned off to go back across country,it became humid and hot.Owing to the mandatory map reading error,I cut the corner,which enabled us to see the 333 bus waiting at the end of its run.It set off before we could get there,I am sure I could have persuaded the others to use it.It was not to be,so we slogged(hotter and wetter)back into Faversham ,stopping for an ice cream.
back to the station,where we waited the usual 2 minutes for a train.
10 minutes later we were back at Sittingbourne,and after a cup of tea I set off home.
10 miles 5 of us very hot
I think it was a BBC R4 prog that stated that the timbers for some of the British fleet came from Herne,and were used in Men-O-War used against tha Spanish Armarda
Also that the gunpowderfor the conflict came from the Faversham factory.

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