Paleolithic rock shelter.

Monday, September 14, 2009


As you might be able to see the footpath crosses their back garden

Passing across parkland which had the largest amount of sheep droppings ever encountered

Another footpath goes up a front driveway and around the side of the garage
Croissing this stile in style

A thatched roof that must have cost a pretty penny

Picking Damsons in the hedgerow

This is the biggest treehouse in Chrisendom,being three stories high

Meeting at Doddington church,we crossed over the Entrance toi Sharsted Court and into the wood.we turned left and made for the M2 which we crossed.Moonfield farm Lynsted park,and then stopping for coffee at the delightful Lynsted village orchard.Through Lynsted and then towards Loyerton and East through Bramley orchards(!)Back across the M2 and Sharsted court .We stopped to pick Damsons from the hedgerow(3lbs in my case)
A few sharp showers,windy but quite a nice day
5 of us 7 miles grey/windy/mild.

Ever had a cream tea and had jam and cream left over?
well cut the scones into 3 slices next time.

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