Paleolithic rock shelter.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Folkestone Warren Samphire Hoe

We've lost the photographer,he 's around here somewhere

.No its a Kestrel

Cars parked on the beach

The man in his cabin cruiser.
Essex police enjoying a little jolly into Kent

Down the very steep path to the beach
France,one of the best views we have seen so far.Hi Res
We were supposed to walk along the beach here,but the tide had other ideas,HI RES
Look at the tortuous path uf the cliff face HIGH RES CLICK
RV @ the Clifftop Cafe Capel le Ferne,( worth a visit for the stunning view)
we had some nosh and then set off down the steep cliff face.2 of our party wandered off(this happens with old people)and we had to send out a search party.Reunited we crossed the railway line and down onto the beach under the cliffs.Peregine Falcon and Kestrels(as usual)in the sky,
A man living on the beach in his cabin cruiser (council not happy)After some heavy shingle walking we made it to Samphire Hoe,the 5 million cubic yard jetty that was made from the Channel tunnel spoil.Walking around the perimiter we looked at the next section of our walk and found that the tide precluded this .Not sure why,but will investigate later,(maybe spring tides to blame)so we exited via the long tunnel then climbed to the top of the cliff(hard work)it started to drizzle,but not enough to warrant wet weather gear,so that all came off again.
Along the North Downs way on the crest very good views of France and the channel,lots to see.
We arrived back at the cars and said our farewells(no hills next week?)
7 of us(2 guest walkers used to the Andes and Himalayas)grey,mild 9 miles

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