Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

EMR to pilgrims way Birling and Snodland

Spread out to avoid the effects of multiple casualties from landmines

Can a wooden swan break your arm?


From the RV at EMR we walked up to the A20 and caught the 71 bus to Leybourne Lakes.
Through the Lakes we emerged at Ham Hill and crossed over into the Golf course,and I immediately became confused and struck off in the wrong direction.We made our way back,then spotted the footpath markers that were difficult to locate!Over (artificial)hill and dale around the back of the RSPCA centre,the golf course was unfinished at this point and there were no indications where the footpath went.We walked on a compass bearing and came out near Birling village.As it was almost midday we stopped for coffee at Birling Church.After our break we made our way up to the pilgrims way/North Downs Way.Turning right we followed our noses to Holborough a very pleasant walk,and arrived at the bus stop where we had a 10 minute wait.The 71 took us back to larkfield ,and we walked back through the Research station.
6 of us hot sunny 7 miles (it seemed longer)

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