Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Tellytubbies HQ transmitter

This is most of us at the start,and cries out for a caption.It was raining initially,then dried up,pity the sun wasn't shining like yesterday,but you can't have everything .A large area of woodland with many paths which for me means many opportunities to get lost.Quite nice nevertheless,not many people about,some coppicing going on for Chestnut,the smell of woodsmoke.....
We did about six miles with no mud and no injuries,no poisonous snakes,and nowhere to sit for our coffee break.

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  1. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Re the caption: I guess the Seventh Dwarf was behind the camera, still, nice to see you had some fun-guys, not sure if they were edible though ??

    From one of the Old Guys, still working!!