Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009



The river was fordable on horseback in Saxon times and a major battle took place at this spot
between the Britons and Anglo-Saxons Hengist and Horsa fought Vortigern (Horsa was slain )
One of the most photographed bridges in southern England at Aylesford Village.
We decided that as there had been a very large amount of rain in the previous four days,we would stick to a non-muddy route if possible.So we RV at Aylesford car park and set off along the southern bank of the Medway,to avoid the crumbling footpath on the other side.
Past a new development of flats built within a coffer dam to lessen the effects of flooding,and along to Little Preston where we crossed the railway line.See the picture above of the daily quarry train from Allington to Reading.We then crossed over Allington lock and along by all the moored barges and houseboats to Maidstone centre.An awful new shop has been built on the gasworks site and is an architectural disgrace.We made our way back and it chucked it down with rain.then the sun came out(very confusing)we dallied a while at the Malta inn and retraced our steps to Aylesford.
about 7 miles 8 of us rain and sun and wind.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


We rendezvoused @ Borden and took off across the fields towards the village church.Crosssing large open fields,we came to some old farm houses crouching by the M2 Motorway.
It was extremely windy and we had trouble making progress into the wind.The rain held off though,had it not,we would have had to pack it in.
Down to Oad street and through the farm,enormous buildings and no one around.Over the motorway and across more large open fields to Bredgar.Back north with the wind at our backs(at last)and across some nice footpaths to return to Borden.
As we parted the sun came out!
7 miles 8 of us very windy .

Thursday, November 12, 2009


they say you revert to childhood when you get older

That long extension(misted up) must be a swimming pool

A circular walk from the war memorial at Otham Village across the fields and through the woods to Broomfield and then across to Langley and back to Otham.An autumn day with rain threatening,sometimes grey sometimes sunny.Muddy in places and some wobbly stiles.It came on to rain half way round so we sheltered in a barn.we met a couple from Shell research doing the same thing widdershins.Fields of poly tunnels with lovely juicy loganberries.Not much in the way of hills.A nice walk,we will do it again sometime.
5 of us 6 or 7 miles grey/rainy/sunny

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Dog looking sheepish when being addressed
Shaking hands with the locals

Picking our places

A faux Goose made from a wooden head pole and plastic bag
The only Oast Houses in the south east with green and red cowls

A pretty good day,sunny,slightly windy and about 6 C.After excessive rainfall the previous 2 or 3 days it was nice to see the sun.We met up at the Black Horse pub,in the so called most haunted village in England.Setting off to the east after checking out the graveyard,we passed through orchards groaning with apples.Russets and some other varieties still on the trees,we got up close for a good look.We had our break at the church demolished by a V1 in '44,and were joined by a black Labrador who obeyed commands obediently especially oppit.then we walked across fields to Egerton and then looped back on familiar ground.The views were stunning and the walk was very enjoyable.We had a trainee leader/mapreader who gets full marks an NVQ.
No one fell over,there was very little whingeing,so a good day in all.
7 miles 6 of us ,sunny wx temp about 8 C