Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Taking advantage of a special offer on Le Shuttle we went to France for the day.
The crossing etc was totally unremarkable,so I will not remark upon it.
Cote d'Opale was very nice,but it was raining heavily a lot of the time (the French were not to blame)I was prepared and issued everyone with umbrellas .We had a good look around the town and its ramparts ,had a coffee and then found a place for lunch.The £ is down about 30% so the meal seemed expensive ,although very enjoyable.I was able to make myself understood,and was annoyed when people addressed me in English--how could they possibly tell?
Back on the Shuttle and home in the dark with pouring rain .Still,it was an interesting day out.
4 of us 3 miles heavy rain.
Shiftman-all noted thanks
Anon-watch out for the hit squads
next week Thanet coastal weather permitting.

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