Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


The boarded up water tower that was converted into a residence,what gives?

We decided it was time for a communal breakfast,so the restaurant* was booked via our catering officer and they duly did us proud with a table for ten.Usual heart attack breakfast with lots of toast and coffee.We chatted away (all at once)for an hour or so then set off under grey skies towards Barming water tower (still empty-what's the story there?)and into Barming woods.
Not too bad underfoot,a gentle walk ,emerging at Sweets lane,where we crossed into Rocks farm.
Through the village to the Church and then back into the Research station.
the threatened rain did not appear,and it was not too cold-just about right
there were 10 of us (9 walking)7 degrees ,about 5 miles (max)
we used to cycle this route in the lunch break,and very pleasant it was too.

*Bramleys EM Research station.

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  1. Marina10:15 AM

    Howard and I went to that Public House at Boughton Monchelsea you mentioned in the 27th January walk, I cannot repeat it’s name without blushing, I guess you know why ?
    It was a long ride to the Pub and after a few drinks Howard got a bit tipsy, his speech was slurred and he said he kept thinking of Niagara, at least I thought that is what he said. Well as much as I love him, I cannot fly all the way to America.