Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Coffee break on a snow covered log

We heard this small creature calling for food,the cold weather made it quite daring

I think we were on our Polar Medal qualification hike,as we started from Selling Rail station at 10:00.
Up the road to Blackleys into the woods,turn around back out again then up the correct footpath to Goulds wood to the sawmill and beyond to Densted wood. Via the many similar looking and multi choice footpaths.
We stopped for our break about 12:00 sitting on a log,It was still very cold with the wind,snow and lack of sun (which did pop out from time to time).We came out of the woods and into an orchard towards south Bishops den,and then lost track of the footpath,the signs were either missing or damaged,and we had to march on a compass bearing through the brambles and fallen trees and across streams,until we intercepted the required path at Forester's Lodge farm.We then made our way back via familiar paths to Oversland and Selling station.
6 of us 0 degrees( cold north wind)blizzard and 9 miles .

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  1. Marina11:16 AM

    You boys are brave going out in that cold and getting lost (again).
    Howard thinks you would be well to purchase a GPS (whatever that is) before getting into real trouble.