Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The little orange dot is a tree surgeon

Like a load of trainspotters

Primrose (Prima-Rosa first flower)

We met up at the visitor centre,and then discovered that the greasy spoon wasn't open for another hour(my cockup)Norm and Dave and Iris stayed behind to talk about brass and oil and stuff,and we set off down Park Pale and crossed watling street and on to the edge of the golf course.
A bit dull and an uphill walk,but we soon warmed up.Crossing open fields(nice views)we paused at the London Dover rail line and a train made us jump by hooting at us.Down the steep hill,alonf the road and across the field to Upper Bush and then across country and under the rail line ,and we stopped for coffee(it started raining)Into Cobham park,by a new national trust building and then into Cobham village.We turned right at the church and back into the southern part of Shorne park.
Nicely managed and not too muddy.Soon we emerged and crossed the A2 and made it back to the car park.
12 degrees 5+3 stay behinds grey cloudy and raining lightly almost 9 miles ?
quite a nice walk.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cobham Manor to Hollingbourne North Downs Way

The new and improved path at Cat's Mount,see a water bottle anywhere?
Heart attack hill the reserves,powering up the slope.

Heart attack hill after.

A Goat ,as in "You've got my goat"
A horse as in "I'm feeling a little hoarse"
Look at them go.

racehorses at the gallop on the gallops
Looking at all those people working for a living down there.

We call the route "heart attack hill"as there are three or four steep slopes with steps,that really take it out of you.We stated at the riding stable,where there was a goat,a sheep, a horse @the Gym,and 3 or 4 dogs.Friendly staff,parking £1 and the cafe not open.
We started by crossing the fields to the west and then up Thurnham Hill to the castle(remains)
our first non-stop uphill grind.
Then we climbed to the coombe and stopped to check out the lovely view.The first of the steep up and downs were with us and I made it to the top(like most of us)non stop and completely out of breath.A few more of these and when we arrived at Cat's mount,we stopped for coffee.A big improvement here with the stile replaced with a gate ,and steps and a handrail for the elderly(us)
After that mostly plain sailing along the top,and then down to The Dirty Habit pub,and along the Pilgrim's way back to the stables,walking through some poor soul's back garden and then through various paddocks to the stables.
A lovely warm day(14C),birds singing,lovely views.8 miles 6 of us.
A hot bath,Korkers and fried potatoes,and a pot of tea-aaah!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Selling Badlesmere Perrywood

We are holding a collection for a spirit level

This is all my fault,no stile+no footpath+map reading duff again.
A trap to catch unwary surfs
This isn't the footpath
This also isn't the footpath

A cold raw day with a north east wind (at our backs initially).We went through Hogben hamlet and set off down the long valley past STOCKING WOOD towards BEACON HILL.
Stocking wood is a nother Home Guard Auxilliary Hideout site.We ,that is I,took my usual wrong turning at the end of the valley,as the footpath through the woods was a bit indistinct (excuses excuses),however we recovered and emerged at Beacon Hill cottage and then took to the Shottenden road ,noticing a pair of Buzzards,and we stuck with it,as the fields had just been ploughed.We stopped for coffee at Old House wood,it was good to get out of the biting wind(now in our faces)and then off to Perry wood,which we visited a couple of weeks ago.Through the orchards and then back to selling village car park (a very nice one).7 of us 5 miles 3C a bloody cold wind.
next week Detling (heart attack hill)(hope the sun's out)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Boughton Under Blean

Looking towards the church @ Hernhill and beyond to the Swale and Tankerton

She was amazed we were not in the pub
I have never seen this before on an Inn,and they have the Roman numeral IV as IIII
p.s. the clock is correct (at least in winter time)

I failed to see these ,hiding from the cold,they look quite happy don't they?

It's almost smiling,it seems to have a personality
NIHIL SINE DEO "Nothing Without God"
This week he is Sans Chapeau

They are discussing my inaccurate method of dating timber framed structures.

RV @ White Horse Inn in Boughton,cold and damp,most unpleasant,but when motivated to stride out we became warm.A bit of fiddling with the map until I was told the way and we went up Bounds Lane to MOUNT EPHRAIM which is a large country house/estate.It was surrounded by neat ,well managed orchards.Carrying on to HERNEHILL we arrived at the church as the clock struck 11. A big rectory alongside and some lovely old cottages in the village.
The Village Pub,unusually had a sundial,the only one I have seen on a pub.
Up to DARGATE and then along RED ROAD track and a diversion to HOLLY HILL where we had our coffee break.We retruned via DAWES RD,instead of the footpath(mia culpa) and arrived at the old A2 (now the B something or other)and back to the pub.
A nice walk KCC inspired about 6 miles ,sun came out half way and the wind dropped.
6 of us 2 hours?we will do this again.