Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Boughton Under Blean

Looking towards the church @ Hernhill and beyond to the Swale and Tankerton

She was amazed we were not in the pub
I have never seen this before on an Inn,and they have the Roman numeral IV as IIII
p.s. the clock is correct (at least in winter time)

I failed to see these ,hiding from the cold,they look quite happy don't they?

It's almost smiling,it seems to have a personality
NIHIL SINE DEO "Nothing Without God"
This week he is Sans Chapeau

They are discussing my inaccurate method of dating timber framed structures.

RV @ White Horse Inn in Boughton,cold and damp,most unpleasant,but when motivated to stride out we became warm.A bit of fiddling with the map until I was told the way and we went up Bounds Lane to MOUNT EPHRAIM which is a large country house/estate.It was surrounded by neat ,well managed orchards.Carrying on to HERNEHILL we arrived at the church as the clock struck 11. A big rectory alongside and some lovely old cottages in the village.
The Village Pub,unusually had a sundial,the only one I have seen on a pub.
Up to DARGATE and then along RED ROAD track and a diversion to HOLLY HILL where we had our coffee break.We retruned via DAWES RD,instead of the footpath(mia culpa) and arrived at the old A2 (now the B something or other)and back to the pub.
A nice walk KCC inspired about 6 miles ,sun came out half way and the wind dropped.
6 of us 2 hours?we will do this again.

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