Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cobham Manor to Hollingbourne North Downs Way

The new and improved path at Cat's Mount,see a water bottle anywhere?
Heart attack hill the reserves,powering up the slope.

Heart attack hill after.

A Goat ,as in "You've got my goat"
A horse as in "I'm feeling a little hoarse"
Look at them go.

racehorses at the gallop on the gallops
Looking at all those people working for a living down there.

We call the route "heart attack hill"as there are three or four steep slopes with steps,that really take it out of you.We stated at the riding stable,where there was a goat,a sheep, a horse @the Gym,and 3 or 4 dogs.Friendly staff,parking £1 and the cafe not open.
We started by crossing the fields to the west and then up Thurnham Hill to the castle(remains)
our first non-stop uphill grind.
Then we climbed to the coombe and stopped to check out the lovely view.The first of the steep up and downs were with us and I made it to the top(like most of us)non stop and completely out of breath.A few more of these and when we arrived at Cat's mount,we stopped for coffee.A big improvement here with the stile replaced with a gate ,and steps and a handrail for the elderly(us)
After that mostly plain sailing along the top,and then down to The Dirty Habit pub,and along the Pilgrim's way back to the stables,walking through some poor soul's back garden and then through various paddocks to the stables.
A lovely warm day(14C),birds singing,lovely views.8 miles 6 of us.
A hot bath,Korkers and fried potatoes,and a pot of tea-aaah!

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