Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Selling Badlesmere Perrywood

We are holding a collection for a spirit level

This is all my fault,no stile+no footpath+map reading duff again.
A trap to catch unwary surfs
This isn't the footpath
This also isn't the footpath

A cold raw day with a north east wind (at our backs initially).We went through Hogben hamlet and set off down the long valley past STOCKING WOOD towards BEACON HILL.
Stocking wood is a nother Home Guard Auxilliary Hideout site.We ,that is I,took my usual wrong turning at the end of the valley,as the footpath through the woods was a bit indistinct (excuses excuses),however we recovered and emerged at Beacon Hill cottage and then took to the Shottenden road ,noticing a pair of Buzzards,and we stuck with it,as the fields had just been ploughed.We stopped for coffee at Old House wood,it was good to get out of the biting wind(now in our faces)and then off to Perry wood,which we visited a couple of weeks ago.Through the orchards and then back to selling village car park (a very nice one).7 of us 5 miles 3C a bloody cold wind.
next week Detling (heart attack hill)(hope the sun's out)

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