Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The little orange dot is a tree surgeon

Like a load of trainspotters

Primrose (Prima-Rosa first flower)

We met up at the visitor centre,and then discovered that the greasy spoon wasn't open for another hour(my cockup)Norm and Dave and Iris stayed behind to talk about brass and oil and stuff,and we set off down Park Pale and crossed watling street and on to the edge of the golf course.
A bit dull and an uphill walk,but we soon warmed up.Crossing open fields(nice views)we paused at the London Dover rail line and a train made us jump by hooting at us.Down the steep hill,alonf the road and across the field to Upper Bush and then across country and under the rail line ,and we stopped for coffee(it started raining)Into Cobham park,by a new national trust building and then into Cobham village.We turned right at the church and back into the southern part of Shorne park.
Nicely managed and not too muddy.Soon we emerged and crossed the A2 and made it back to the car park.
12 degrees 5+3 stay behinds grey cloudy and raining lightly almost 9 miles ?
quite a nice walk.

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