Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I had a nice hot bath when I got home ,my Polish au pair took this picture for me.

RV @ Teston country park,and walked along Medway north bank to Nettlestead place via Bow Bridge.We stopped to watch a boat being lifted from the river by a caterpillar crane.
Over the rail line and up to Nettlestead church,then via footpaths to the Mill pond at wateringbury.
Manor farm,where there were some lovely old cottages and then a slight map reading error to the north of the A26 to teh golf course at W.Malling airfield.Heading east we passed through Redhill farm and it looked like we were trespassing,but as we emerged at the road we realised we had walked this way before on a cold winter's day.Across the road and into the wods aon a pth not marked on the OS map,and then down to livesy street and Teston and an ice cream.
8 miles 5 of us ,warm,sunny.
The Bluebells are coming out ,so nest week the KINGS WOOD

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This is in my back garden I just had to share it with you

The house with thr Royal coat of arms on the wall a Royal "Safe house"

2 Buzzards at the same place we saw a couple last time

6 of us cold at times ,warm with the sun out.6 miles .
The pics are so good we don't need a narrative.
Hello to the ladies of Maidstone Ramblers(if you remembered our blog name)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Faversham Brogdale etc

The first group met at sittingbourne and boarded the new japanese Javelin train.One more joined us at faversham and we started the walk as detailed on the map.Stopping briefly at Brogdale,to look at the shops there we set off across very nice countryside on a flat walk,with no mud for once.However there was a cold north wind and no sunshine(you can't have it all)
I stopped for a bag of chips(as usual) and then we walked back to the station.
5 of us 7 miles cold dull.

Today a large cloud of volcanic dust is heading our way ,closing down all air traffic,what a treat for people living near airports.Wonder if I should start panic buying food etc?