Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Brand new 21st century clock on Charing church

Bishop's palace frequented by Henry VIII and Gryf Rees Jones
A slow worm enjoying the warmth at last

Finding all the car parks full,we RV @ the fire station and parked by the graveyard.
Into the Village and a stop for hot sausage rolls (excellent)and then up to the North Downs Way.
Apparently the footpath was closed,but we ignored that and carried on.we stopped for coffee at Westwell Church by the tomb of the son of King Richard III.On to Eastwell and then up to Challock church.After complaining about the flies that were following us,someone re focused,and saw a Buzzard,then another four! that's an all time record ,soaring high on the thermals.
Then along the path amongst the lambs,(see pic)and then into the dark avenue by Young's Toll.
On to the main faversham road(dodgey)and into Squids gate road and up to the gliding club.
This footpath too, was closed, with NO ALTERNATIVE,so we took to the woods Chingatchcook style and marched on a compass bearing ,with several pairs of eyes we eventually came out on our intended path,then back down into Charing where we were treated to Magnum Ice creams.
Home to a hot bath and tea.
5 of us ,13 miles,cloudy,warm.
When we got home it started to rain.

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