Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


This photo has a strange painting-like quality


Starting out ,I replaced my warm jacket with a waterproof one as it had started raining!
It stopped by the RV time,but it wasn't warm with a cold north wind at times.
We strolled (an unusual departure for us)through the Kings wood ,and actually encountered others doing the same.A group of ladies about 10 strong and two dogs,another group of four,and a couple more small groups.We don't normally see anyone else much.
The sun came out occasionally and was quite nice.We thought we were a bit early for optimum bluebell week,but think it was just about right.We stopped at the usual spot(a large rock)for coffee,and shortly after an eagle eyed member of the group spotted a white deer way off in the distance.
We did about 7 miles and for once I was not worn out at the end
4 of us 7 miles,grey/cold/sunny/warm at times.

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