Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The bell trestle,one day they will date it by Dendrochronology
I was resisting the temptation to download useless info to this poor unsuspecting chap.

This was 2 Metres high,and when wet will soak your clothing like no rainstorm can.

This could be a plastic one from B and Q

The footmarks are not ours and at least 24 hrs old.The white stuff is quadrillions of shells.
Where is everyone?,well hopefully they are paying National Insurance so I can do this !

Check out
for story on boom defence

I was dithering with the maps sunday,and then someone suggested Harty Ferry,so that absolved me of any responsibility,and thus the walk was chosen
The ice cream hut car park was closed ,so we parked in the layby at Muswell Manor near the sea wall.We set off along the beach,as the tide was well out.Lots of Groynes to climb over,and lots of oyster shells on the beach.The massive steel/bronze(?)chain link was still on the beach,half buried in the sand.It was a lovely summer day with a light breeze which masked my 1st degree burns to the head until later.We went all the way to Shellness beach and then on past the pill box to the first inlet,where it was suggested we wade across the marshland to the sea wall.This was not entertained .Lots of sea birds,Oyster catchers(do thay catch?,this implies a chase)Heron,Egret,Shellducks,Greylags,Mallard etc plus lots of UFOs.We went along the sea wall and stopped at the hide to have our coffee break,lots of grunting and twanging of tendons as we got up and set off for Harty Church.It was open ,and a guide was waiting for a bus load of well-behaved(no irony here)youngsters from Sheppy Academy.The bell frame is interesting and might outdate the church which is over 900 years old.The reason for it being here was probably tied up with navigation up The Swale in medieval times.After a rest,we set off up the concrete road ,up through Elliots farm and back to Muswell Manor.
6 of us 8.5 miles sunny hot and breezy.

How to get there? A249 Sheppy bridge,turn right at roundabout for LEYSDOWN,and go right through the village and go as far as you can until the road runs out.Park and walk in a straight line along the beach to Shellness.

I seem to recall that last time we did this walk,was winter and my face nearly froze off ,what a contrast.

Next Week;-Loose Valley/ Boughton Mon

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  1. Warm enough for folk to be partaking of the nudist beach? Looking for to seeing the photos.