Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Very windy along here so coats on and hats off.

This might be the (river)Wantsum

Footpath of the year award 2010
this church has a genealogical connection for 3 of us.

We are just waiting for the call (cashier number 7 please)
HR pic
We met up at beacon hill in a 45 mph wind from the sea.After setting out along the beach path we turned off at Bishopstone manor and,encountering some blind ramblers ,crossed the fields to Hillborough church,where we stopped for coffee.
Setting out across the arable fileds again we followed the Wantsum Walk named after the river,and crossed the railway to the non-existant windmill at Brook Bridge.Then north to reculver and an ice cream and a sit down below the sea wall out of the wind.With much getting up and grunting we walked along the cliff top and then down onto the beach path and returned to the cars. Did I mention I got lost?
Sunny,v.windy,7 of us 8 miles .

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