Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


the view from the top deck of the 101-how exciting!
so it's up to 5500 years old

The old BBH road,this is where the haunting should take place

This is just typical of my navigation skills (or lack of)
Putting down our prayer mats to worship Kit
A slow Slow Worm

Down there is the East Malling Work simulation Unit Quango

We started from Bearsted using the 501 Park and Ride to Chequers ,then the 101 to Rochester Airport. Last year ,we followed the footpath into the old scouts sport centre,this had never been re marked following the roundabout and road repositioning, so we followed the road to Bridgewood,and then dived into the woods there.A metal detectorist was at work on the path,and had found about 10 coins,mostly modern and even 1 Euro.Emerging on Common road ,we walked past the picnic site,and then down the side of the A229 to Kits Coty.We had coffee here,and then moved on as it started to rain.We were on a sheltered path,so didn't get too wet.Crossing Rochester Rd Aylesford we went on the pilgrims way to where it crosses the A229 and turned off across the fields to Pratling street,overgrown badly signed paths again,emerging into Cossington farm,and then onto the Golf course.Again badly marked paths a lot of stumbling around in the bushes,and then onto another path into the country park etc etc.We came out by the bridge over the M20 and entered the Malta Inn car park.We then had easy walking along the tow path ,having first established that the river taxi wasn't due to leave for another hour.Over the High level bridge,into Brenchley gardens ,and into the Corn Exchange lane where we all had a cup of char.The 501 back to Bearsted and missed the rain that was threatening.

9 miles humid,cloudy rainy 7 of us

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  1. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Just up from Kits Coty, on the old Blue Bell Hill road I lived in a house, Beechcroft, which my father built in the 1920s. We moved to Maidstone in '57 when I was 13, and I think the house was soon after, sold for £4000. A year or two ago it was on the market for £750,000!