Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This tree person is making a break for it.

We were in search of poppies following last years pix on FLICKR of Boxley.
We took the Park & Ride to Maidstone,crossed the road at the scene of the bloody civil war battle at Gabriels hill and set off up the Roman Road ,Week street,to Wetherspoons Society Rooms where we had breakfast.It was astounding and made me gasp.It was basically two of everything for £3.99
I had to donate certain food items to the poorer members of our group,but still found it a struggle.Oh yes, and the staff were OK and professional,unlike the Hook and Hatchet last week.
We then waited for a 101 bus (every 15 minutes-yeah right)and got off at sandling.
a bit of moaning as we climbed the footbridge and then up the side of the Running Horse pub and up the road to Boarley.we crossed a field of Corn in which the footpath was choked with weeds, and then on to a road that was a cul de sac,but still had the occasional lost car.We stopped for a sit down near H1 and saw a javelin and a Eurostar.Across more fields ,but alas,no poppies.
Emerging in Boxley proper we sat down by the church and then off along the footpath to detling village.Crossing the A249 by the unauthorised route,and then down a very dodgy sloping neglected footpath .Crossing the fields we eventually came to Bearsted Green where we were treated to a Magnum ice lolly and a sit down.
Through the footpaths and RTH.
6 of us 7 miles hot and humid, no poppies just cramp in the legs.

Go to Flickr and search:-"Poppies Boxley"

can't get the link to work ,I feel inadequate,


  1. Hi Twisden

    Plenty of poppies in the field surronding St Margarets in Barming - I'll post some pics on my blog later in the week. Nice walk down the river from there and if your out late or lost check out the glow worms at the back of Bernard's!


  2. Hi Adam,
    I'm looking for a shorter walk next week so we might do that,thanks. I was aware of Barming,but my cohort insisted on Boxley.
    glow worms at the back of Bernard's what?--sorry couldn't resist it.