Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


This is some sort of warbler?I defend my territory with 6' fence panels as opposed to song
OK here's the clue its a KING'S crown

The fabulous(much fabled)electric bike made by Sailsbury HD at £700 ?
The toll gate HD
The pub with the characteristic inverted tree stump support HD

The ferry at Ramsgate in the distance HD

Quite a long drive (95 return)because only 3 of us today.
RV at Sandown Castle and then on to the Royal Cinque (pronounced sink)Ports Golf club.
Walking inland and parallel to the sea wall we headed north for Sandwich (the wich indicating a salt producing town)Leaving the Golf course we stopped a chap of 81 who was using an electric bicycle,and interrogated him about the ins and outs.At Newcut bridge we saw hundreds of Pole and Perch in the river swimming in the current but staying still.Into the town of Sandwich and finding a pub,we had a spot of lunch and a pot of tea(the Admiral Owen)very nice and friendly staff,and comfortable sofas.We started back and had an ice cream ,and my suggestion of a bus was laughed at .We crossed the Royal St George's golf course and arrived at the promenade,and walked in a straight (soul destroying) line back to the start.
Hot,sunny,9 miles 3 of us.
Next week Blue Bell hill to Maidstone
The Bike-Emma Chisett? £750-but we are assured more like £400

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  1. i like all the photos looks like you had a very nice day