Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Next week we are going poppy hunting at Boxley

Typical of the lovely meadows at Hucking

This stile was about 5 feet high

This is a typical wherethehellarewe?scene

Meeting at the church,we set off across the first meadow towards Gorham Wood Bicknor.
Then Church wood and Fourayes farm.After Hazel street farm we stopped for our coffee and watched 2 buzzards soaring over us (did they think we were cose to expiry?)
After this I went wrong and missed our turning taking us instead to southlees road,where we had to turn back.Finding the correct road we then crossed a paddock at Old Forge Farm and up a nicely cleared path into the woods,up a steep hill which caused a sit down.
Although the footpath went though a house's garden we followed the mown path on the periphery
and across into the woods where no one had trodden for years,we had to step carfefully and surprisingly emerged at a stile.
Into the Woodland Trust area and towards the Hook and hatchet pub.At the pub a glass of beer served by miserable and unfriendly staff!
Then back through the hamlet to the car park
V hot and sunny 6 of us 8 miles ,some lovely scenery,will do again.
Following my posting yesterday the power went off for 3 hours and I lost it all.

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  1. Here I am once more, in my office boiling hot and wishing I was out in the Kent countryside!

    I finally managed to write about my recent tramp in, over and around the Darent Valley

    I think I'm going to give myself another day off soon and see if I can find some poppies too...