Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BROADSTAIRS - MARGATE and the 39 steps.

No ants nest this week

The entrance to the 39 steps-yes really-no BS

The ghostly figure at the bottom is me.These are the 39 steps (and some)yes-they really exist.

For a change,a coastal walk,WX sunny and breezy-ideal conditions.Starting at Broadstairs we walked along the esplanade and into Broadstairs proper.Then along the undercliffe and on to the sandy beach,as the tide was going out.Stopping to film the 39 steps we carried on to North Foreland(where I took my morse cose test in 1976 at the GPO Coast radio station)we sat on the warm sand and had our coffee.Around Kingsgate and Foreness point,Palm Bay,,finally stopping at
walpole Bay where we stopped for a cup of tea (I had breakfast of course)at the Jet Ski cafe.Walking into Margate we then cought a loop bus which took us on a mystery tour of Thanet,before depositing us at Broadstairs.A nice sunny day ,7 of us
and torrential rain going back on M2.

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