Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


It was so nice and picturesque that we decidet to tarry a while

It was raining at the overture.But after a while it died down.
Something funny going on with blog publisher,can't alter font,and picures not previewed.
will soldier on.
We set off across the landing strip and then across the familiar fields to the Ringlestone pub.It was a little overgrown at times,and after a while we stopped for coffee.through more woods,and along the top of the North Downs along the ANCIENT TRACKWAY which dates back to prehistory and ran (in this case)from Stone Henge to Dover.Finding our path barred by Oilseed Rape,we walked through a farm and then down a field full of wild flowers(see pictures)A nice lie down in the long grass and then up the steep slopes the other side.After another couple of miles another sit down,and then the final mile returning to the church.
Mild,sometimes wet,7 of us 8 miles.

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