Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


300 year old Chestnut and 60 year old man
Panorama (higher resolution)

Egerton Church
St Mary's Little Chart

Teepees (why don't you ever see Red Indians with beards?

Hello Helen in Australia this is for you

The Swan Pub Little chart

Starting at the Black Horse pub at Pluckley we crossed the village playing field,and,following the Greensand way,proceeded through the Russet apple orchards.
After passing a few enormous 300 year old chestnut trees we came to Little Chart and the brick built church,and turned on to the Stour valley walk.Emerging on Pluckley road at St Mary's Church(ruined 1944)we stopped for coffee.This is where H.E.Bates was married and we think he lived next door at The Granary.Across the wheat fields towards Egerton(wheat popping and ripe)we arrived in the village and after a fight over who insisted paying for the ice creams ,we stopped for a break.Back on the Greensand way hither and thither we arrived back at Pluckley.
8 miles 6 bods warmish sunnyish dull at times but a nice walk.

Vila Velha, Espirito Santo, Brazil-hello and welcome!


  1. What happened to the church in 1944? Was it them Germans? :-) Looks like you had another good walk.

    Once I've finally conquered the Darent Valley Path (just posted up part 2 on my blog by the way), perhaps I'll have to try out some of your walks.

    All the best,

  2. Hi Glen,That was quick! a V1 destroyed the church.
    KENT WALKS PATHFINDER GUIDE is a good place to start.A green book from waterstones/Millets etc
    has good OS maps and walks from 4 to 12 miles.
    See Adams blog from our link (Ditton East Malling Barming)his wildlife pix are excellent
    many thanks