Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



The interior of the abandoned ROC underground nuclear bunker (see link)

Is that one on the right acting inappropriately?
One of the advantages of rambling

Roman wall with characteristic tiles

A terrific Giraffe

2,000 varieties of Willow tree

The large concrete acoustic mirror
The Royal Military Canal

Following a "discussion"with a traffic light "engineer"whilst facing a permanent red ATS,I finally arrived at the eastern end of the RH&DR.My colleagues arrived soon after and we set out on the northern bank of the Royal Military Canal.Passing the concrete sound mirror we eventually turned off the path and climbed the hill to LEMANIS,a Roman Fort thingy.We stopped for coffee ,with a wonderful view of the coastal plain before us and could clearly see France.Setting off to the top of the hill,we then folowed the Saxon Shore Way and then descended through arable farmland stopping to investigate an abandoned ROC post.Crossing the railway line,we entered Dymchurch where we were treated to a bag of excellent chips,which we ate ,sitting on the sea wall.
Walking up to the station,we had a cup of char whilst waiting for the train which sped us back to Hythe (it seemed a long way)for the sum of £6 v reasonable.
5 of us 8 miles(?)sunny pleasantly cool.

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  1. ron_harnack@yahoo.com11:15 PM

    Hi....looks like you have a great time hiking around Kent. I was particularly interested in the Dymchurch Roman wall.

    I would like to join you on a hike next time I visit England.

    Best wishes!

    Ron Harnack
    Sunnyvale, California