Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Holidaying in Suffolk as a kid,I would see them assemble in early september,reminding me that I,too had to return to school in London
This is a villager's garden choc full of flowers and fruit-lovely
Mia Culpa
This is a Dene Hole used as a Chalk Mine in days of old and is 200' deep.

Our most senior and respected associate

An ad hoc walk on a nice sunny day with a cool breeze,perfect conditions.
Crossing arable fields south of the church we went up the valley to Oakenpole wood,where the chamberpot was still on the post where we encountered it two years ago.Stopping for coffee at this location we then set off up Payden Street and after scrutinising a semi-concealed footpath sign walked through someone's back garden,past the rotary clothes line and over the stile opposite.I took the lead ,knowing that there were at least 5 others trailing behind who would absorb any flak*.The resident Jack Russell came out and harrassed the last man over.Back though some lovely woodland and then Torrey Hill and through the Plum Orchard where we tarried a while (you work it out yourself)
.Back at the church we said our farewells/hurled insults and agreed to meet next week for the Kent and East sussex railway,where (if it isn't raining)we will train out to Bodiam Castle and walk back

8 or 9 miles 6 of us -lovely WX-nice walk .
I forgot to mention the Buzzards ,which were in their usual place(the sky)

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