Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, September 09, 2010


This is a lovely part of Tenterden
A good shot of a sunken road
An edible mushroom the size of a person's bonce

The steam train in the distance
We came back(part way )on this one
A driver's eye view
La toilette

Du bist ein Fish

Terrier locomotives

A USA class loco lend-lease from 1942.It operated in Southampton Docks where I saw it in 1958

It was Raining with a capital R. A TV film crew were on the A20 filming the obvious.All local roads gridlocked,but we all arrived at Tenterden on time and bought our tickets£12.80 and set off for Bodiam Castle at a gentle clatter.We disembarked,and walked to the castle ,fed the ducks,had a coffee,a mooch around and then back to the station where a Diesel set awaited our pleasure.We got off at Wittersham road and walked down to and along Reading sewer.
Clams pike,eel,etc all had been dredged up along the bank.
We turned north at Smallhythe road,then south to the correct path,to Pichill farm Coneyboro wood and back along the valley,passing hundreds of Pheasant and Mallards(more that you could shake a stick at)Arriving back at Tenterden we had the customary Magnum and made our way home ,where it started to pour with rain again.
6.5 miles (going on 16) 5 blokes ,grey damp,(so was the weather)

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