Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Selling, Denstead Wood

Instant Death

Meeting at Selling rail station ,as we waited a sparrowhawk flew past our windscreen as we parked,with a blackbird in its talons.Setting out over the footbridge we went to Goulds Wood where forest clearance was in progress.Up to the saw mill,and taking a quick look at the view over to Grain and Harty,we walked on to Foresters Lodge farm.
we then plunged into the wood,taking great care with the mapreading as there was a navigational hiatus last winter in the snow.Though south Bishops Den ,out of the wood in into orchards!we bided a wee,and then back into the woods proper,coming back eventually to the saw mill and back the way we came.
6 miles ,7 chaps,sunny lovely day.

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