Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


We found a back way in,to avoid the £8 parking charge.It was beginning to rain ,so we suited up.We turned off the main track,and shortly after I became
disorientated(lost)luckily my compass got us back on track,but I still managed to take us out of the forest on to the A21 trunk road.Then I knew where we were,so we could head off back.We stopped for coffee in the old sawmill,and the roads we followed now were much better for walking on.
A cyclist we had seen about 4 times was also lost,so we gave him directions.We arrived at the cars safe and sound and damp.
I have now found a mountain bikers map with waymarkers on it,and we will use this next time.
5 blokes 6 miles rainy but mild.
This is a familiar scene (i'm lost again)
Outside it was tipping down with rain
The were hundreds of Mallards quacking away on Louisa Lake
The mountain bikers map with waypoints

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  1. £8 parking is scandalous. Do they expect anyone to bother going there at that price?

    I never admit I'm lost. I just say I have temporarily become unacustomed with my bearings