Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I don't think anyone fell over this time.
That white worm thing is a train,you can see where the landslip occured in 1916(?)blocking the railway line.
Over there is France
The Pathfinders waiting for the rest of the gang.
This chap has taken a chance under the cliff overhang!
This is the vehicular and foot access to Saphire Hoe
The mud type face of the cliff has eroded into some strange shapes
This gives some indication of the steep nature of the path from the Clifftop Cafe down to the beach
We RV at the Cafe and carefully walked down the very steep path to the beach,then along the shingle under the cliff and on to the Hoe.After a short coffee break,we started up the tunnel to the cliff base and then along the crest of the cliffs(very hard work)then back to the Cafe for a nice hot cup of tea.
Aerial view Click this link for video
8 blokes 6 miles grey windy.

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  1. Just checkin on the old bus - knew you'd get in touch ;-). What is an RT anyway??? No Black Redstarts at Samphire Hoe (usually on the Undercliff, three reported today). Maybe just upstarts?!