Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5th Anniversery Hike North Downs

Over on the right you will see a tree with a parasol shape.This is a scion of the world's most famous apple tree (Newton-Head-Gravity etc)called Flower of Kent

It stated to sleet with a cold wind,so I received no dissent when,one mile short of our target we turned back.

North Downs Way,lots of fallen trees.
We had a fifth anniversery breakfast at Bramleys restaurant,to mark circa 250 walks and 1800 miles with no fatalities.Norman joined us as senior associate member.6 of us walked about 7 miles (our average)not a nice day for walking,a cold wind sleet etc muddy underfoot.The bus arrived fairly promptly to take us back to East Malling.Sorry no pix of our happy group owing to forgetfulness on my part.Two Sausages,Two Eggs,Mushroom,toast,Beans,Coffee,Tea,Orange Juice.
A Merry Christmas to all our followers.

Thursday, December 09, 2010


A freezing day ,a north wind blowing off the sea.We caught the #6 bus at Whitstable and disembarked at the water tower at canterbury.Straight on to the Crab and winkle way,and through the campus to farmland and then into the woods.A brief stop at St Cosmus church and then off .We stopped for coffee at a winding engine pond from the world's oldest passenger railway
and then carried on to Whitstable.A cold wind in the face all the way,and then the sun came out as we arrived back at Whitstable.

5 chaps 5 miles freezing cold.
there was a bitter north wind all the way from -well-the north

My tiny pond is frozen

The track bed  of the world's oldest passenger carrying railway

The world's oldest railway sleepers.
Which was greeted by the usual"shut up and drink your coffee"

If you use your imagination you can see people in tall top hats sitting in open wagons expecting to die because they were travelling at 20 mph.

To learn more,
we have posted a link to the PDF on an earlier Crab and Winkle walk,go to our search box and type in "crab and winkle"

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Borden 2 man walk

Temp-1C, wind chill -7|C  2 brave chaps ,here are the pix.
And the video is my contribution (noise of clucking chicken)