Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Norton ash to Sittingbourne

Following a long holiday break we decided on a shortish flattish walk in the locale.We RV @ Sittingbourne and caught the 333 bus to Norton and made our way off Watling street(the Roman M1)on to a footpath by a car dealers.
(Discovery 07 plate  only £15K what a depreciation )the path was riddled with rabbit holes,so we will know where to come when food gets scarce.In to Lewson street hamlet,then up though the lane to Tickham.At Loyerton we crossed the field to Lynsted where we met a nice retired couple(yes you)whose driveway was the public footpath.We had our coffee sitting in the church porch (it having connections with Queen Elizabeth ,King Charles II,and various other notables.)The church was locked so we couldn't have a nose.
After lynsted to Rodmersham passing Och Eye's house and a Sparrowhawk,then across the orchards to the environs of Sittingbourne proper,where I remarked to a lady lifting up her dogs business from the grass,and she retorted that it "was for her husbands dinner and I hope it******* poisons him"You never know who you are going to meet.

Back home, cold 3C cold wind 4 of us 6 miles.
Jean Pierre I have emailed you info as requested.

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