Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Terracing caused by grazing sheep

On a clear day,you can see Dungeness power station from here.

Its only just possible to see(maybe)a fake hawk on a string at the end of a tall fishing rod that acts like a kite in the wind and keeps the pigeons off. 

On the left against the fence is a Badger Sett,and there are scrapes filled with droppings at regular intervals,not nice if you step in them.

On the left the LATCC Air Traffic radio antenna

This tower is designed so that a nuclear weapon blast will pass through it and still be standing post-attack to re-fit comms antennae.

This is an authorized road passable by 4 x 4 type vehicles which we share the countryside with (we have no axe to grind )

I kept stopping going up this hill cos I was tired(it takes a Man to admit it)

A cold breezy but sunny day after considerable rainfall.We have done this walk before from Farthing Common on Stone Street north of Folkestone.A hilly and at times muddy walk passing Postling and then on to the microwave tower at Tolsford hill.Not as many antennae as there used to be,maybe they have gone over  to satellite.Its part of the Elham Valley walk,which roughly follows the course of the Folkestone to canterbury disused rail line (in places)It was very enjoyable owing to the sunshine which topped up our vitamin D deficiency
4 of us 5.5 miles sunny cold.(and muddy) 
Next week Charing Westwell,Charing airfield etc.


  1. Nice pylon pic.

  2. Welcome to my world! (Well, part of it)
    Postling Downs are lovely, particularly so in summer with plenty of butterflies and orchids on the well-grazed hillside. A good site for a picnic lunch on a work-day.

    The hawk-on-a-pole looks like it could be successful, and I'm trying to work out how to copy it.

    Enjoyable post!

  3. Hi Kingsdowner
    We Eyeballed Adam at EM and he's also interested in the fake hawk.Used to call at tolsford in the 70's to repair transmitters.Could never get up the hill in the snow. at £50 .
    I'll put a pic up.