Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


It doesn't seem to be going around,my colleagues wanted to rebuild it.

Part of the kiln works in the area from the18th/ 19th century

A better picture of Peter Pan

Does Wendy live here?

Bit of a slog in the cold wind up this field

I'm going"It's a Wren"but luckily we have people better qualified who identified it as a female Goldcrest

Everyone did their own thing as far as the RV was concerned,but I sat in the local tea shop with a pot of tea and a hot sausage roll,I'm not silly.
We walked parallel to the NDW along country lanes ,owing to the mud.At Westwell we stopped at the church for our coffee,and then carried on across the field to the NDW and then up the lane to the gliding club airfield.Turning left we carried on  down the slope of the downs along a recently re graded and restricted byway,and the council have made a lovely job of it after years of damage by vehicles,very pleasant to walk on.
We came back to the car park in the village and removed our muddy boots
A cold wind 6C gloomy,misty ,but no rain
5 of us 6 miles.
a nice walk to do again when its warmer(if it ever will be)

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