Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


This unusual feature is a hill

This is where we are 1 metre above mean sea level

Here is the bull,who regarded us from a distance

This red hat can be seen from outer space
Everyone is worn out!It was nine miles .We started in the Cosy cafe (good move)and then set off towards the cemetary,where there is a sort of stile with a sort of footpath marker.then down by the holiday village,across unmarked paths running along scrubby hedgerows.Heading south we came to Capel fleet viewing area at Pump Hill,where we stopped for coffee.Down to Elliotts,and then the road to Harty where I have been warned that the footpath had been relocated ,so we turned off at Long farm (where there isn't a farm?)down the hill and right and north to Capel gate where we passed through a field where there was a bull in the middle distance,and some strange looking cattle in another field that looked like bison from a distance .We the turned down Harty ferry road
to Old Counter wall where we couldn't cross the bridge as the reeds were flooded,and looked dodgey.
we therefore went back to Pump Hill and retraced our earlier steps.We did of course,see the Marsh harriers
and an unidentified bird south of the cemetery that wasn't a kestrel but who knows?
the whole area is a bit spooky like the Romney Marsh.
A dull day,a bit windy no rain.
6 chaps 9 miles and a long sleep.

We have the maps out,not a good sign

Down the road from here was 1 metre  AMSL.   I forgot to mention the two dead swans around 1km south of Capel gate,my colleagues put it down to a fox,as the necks had been unusual sight.A set of vehicle tracks up to one of the birds indicate that someone has investigated this.

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  1. Interesting that you found Harty spooky, I suppose it can appear like that, you should try it on a misty day, it gets worse then.
    I was surprised how little I recognised from your photographs.
    Interesting that there were vehicle tracks going to the dead swans, we had a problem last year with swans being deliberately shot by a farmer but couldn't prove it.