Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


The ancient art of Hedge Laying ,which carries on growing with minimal maintenance and no imported materials

Hucking Church constructed utilising local flint.The Romans and Pagans had not been here first.
It was built around 1100 and is Norman ,so that makes it 911 years old!
There was a brave soul up a ladder doing some repairs.

The Ancient Trackway from Winchester to Dover 3000BC or less

I was asked/told to pose by this gate for some obscure reason

Can you believe the idiot Tony Blair wanted to build a marshaling yard here?

Cross ply tyres ,so this had been here a good 40 years

A raw North Easterly was blowing at gale force ,combined with a low temperature it was dire.The track was very muddy,it was also misty,a good day to stay by the fire,but we didn't.The only birds airborne were gulls.
The area is a Woodland Trust area and has benefited from the planting of thousands of trees,is way marked and a good place to visit.I might post a map/guide later.It sits a the  top of the North Downs and is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) We tried to keep to the sheltered woods as much as poss as the wind was a challenge as you can see by our huddled figures.
5 miles 6 of us.Home to sausage rolls an a pot of tea. Then the sun came out.

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