Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Meeting at Sittingbourne Gare,we climbed aboard the 10:01 whilst the Broastairs contingent approached from the east.We met at Whitstable and set off down the road to Tankerton,where a small Greek Cafe was to be
the location of our breakfast.Sausage,Egg,Beans,Toast,Bacon,Tea,which Baz treated us to.We left the Cafe and
I could see the number 4B bus that I had arranged for us rapidly approaching,we climbed up to the top deck and enjoyed a ride that went all over the shop.Finally we arrived at Herne bay and set off westerly.
We had a strong wind(coldish )in our faces and it was hard going,as we were on the exposed promenade,but the sun was shining.At Tankerton we turned off to Whitstable Gare and waited 15 minutes for a train,then back home.
The Javelin train built in Japan by Hitachi goes at 250? mph.
4 miles,6 of us.sunny 7C

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  1. Thanks for leaving the comment on my latest blog post and for passing on my details to the lady in the States.

    Had a nice long (uphill) walk around the Downs at Kemsing last weekend. Will post it up (eventually)