Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Its right to roam ,so we did.No particular plan just wander hither and thither in the woods.
The pictures of Bluebells are manifold,so please enjoy.

The HQ was hidden by these woods an exciting story,members included Sir Thomas Neame,Jim Mount,Basil Neame
Please let me explain;-in 1939 it was a foregone conclusion that the S.E. would be invaded,therefore , a band of "ostensibly" Home Guard  Units was set up with special underground bunkers ,plastic explosive,specially made radio sets,sniper rifles etc.Their instructions included, assassination of collaborators,disruption of transport,reconnaissance of the enemy.They were very highly trained,many going into regular special forces parachute units later in the war.
6 of us 5 miles ,no bites stings,super-injunctions,or wedding invitations.


  1. An excellent concentration of bluebells there.

    Had a nice long (hot) walk on Good Friday from Jeskyns "Wood" (Gravesend) through to Wrotham Heath following the Wealdway. I expect I will eventually get around to writing about it on my blog.

    Next month I've volunteered myself for a twenty mile North Downs Challenge for charity based on Kemsing.

    Think I need to get a few more practice walks in before then.


  2. Hi Glen
    Thanks for comments.Several of us are doing a walk for MacMillans Nurses next week ,its just a few of us from Chilham to Lenham.Kemsing is very hilly,I once drove down RowDow in an icy blizzard,there is a long drop on one side,when I reached the bottom,the Police had closed it!.
    Good Luck with the walk.