Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It was suggested that a short(5 mile)walk would be nice this week and seems to have worked out OK.
A frosty start to the day,dull and grey,we met at Chilham car park,and set off through the village to French Mill on the River Stour,and then up the hill toJuliberries grave.We kept on the Stour valley path all the way to Godmersham and then crossed over the Ashford road and into the parkland where we stopped and ate our sandwiches,I was sent off to one side as mine were fish paste.Up the hill in to the park stopping to confer with a pair of horses,and then the North Downs Way back to Chilham.We popped into the garden centre just up the road for a hot chocolate,and a sit down in a greenhouse.
The buttress is made from a tree base upturned

Looks like my efforts in Woodwork at school

This little chap came running up to us and seemed to claim us as parents

I used to work here at weekends and finally got bored with the jousting and falcons

They are saying"Where's the bloody photographer got to now?"

French Mill from "A Canterbury Tale"

Milling about decision making

We stopped to marvel at the rare yellow thing that appeared in the sky.

The Horse Whisperer strikes again
5 miles 6 chaps mostly grey (some balding)

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