Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This Harris Hawk moved on after ascertaining that there was insufficient meat available from the prey

We are now in our summer plumage ,better to attract fertile females

Along with traffic lights and an escalator,the town now has a bridge.

Conyer Creek,off The Swale.We went all the way by bus,and what a nice bus,v inexpensive.We walked along the Saxon Shore Way ,it was a lovely sunny day,back towards the town of sittingbourne ,I don't think anything of note happened,apart from me treating the reduced group to a meat and bean pie.
4 of us sunny 27C ,6 miles ,no injuries,no offers,no arrests,no regrets.
Next week we go to stare at the blue bells in the woods.


  1. Plenty of bluebells out already on the Downs above Kemsing and Otford last weekend. Also some out at Southfleet.


  2. Many thanks Glen,
    my garden also,watch out for the pix next week
    from Challock.