Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


We met at Lyminge by the library,an early start as we had to travel 30 miles to get there  .We crossed the road and caught the #17 scenic bus which was  packed with  elderly people ,and now even more so.A lovely little ride down impossibly narrow country lanes,reaching Barham we disembarked(got off)Up the hill (yes I did promise no hills)
and into the woods and a lovely path through the trees.We turned down into the open valley where there were a couple of comical horses,who received digestive biscuits in payment.Up the other side we lay on the grass slope and had our coffee etc (I like etc).After this,up hill and down dale and into Elham where  we were treated to ice creams and I debriefed and ex-RAF pathfinder about his exploits during DER KREIG when he baled out over the Big City.            Regaining the path after a bit of milling about and loss of faith in their leader(me)we set off along the track bed to Lyminge getting more and more weary and silent.
 6 Chaps 6.5 miles(that's all I can make it)a lovely hot day.
For me:a rubdown with the Sporting Life when I got home.

During the war the railway was taken over by the WD who parked "Boche Buster"in a tunnel

This is where we met,now a public library and car park

I believe they call this "cupboard love"

Practicing for the long sleep

This Farmer is obviously a Virgoan

This building is 1450 so we aged it incorrectly by 100 years

Now you see us....

Now you don't

That's not a commode,its a footpath marker

If Cliff Richard were a tree.....

This is the Nailbourne and has been measured at 6 million gallons per day and could be as much as 20 Million gallons .It does flood occasionally.

That's all Folks!

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