Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Conyer Creek to Faversham along the sea wall.

Meeting at Sittingbourne and catching the 344 bus to Conyer and then along the sea wall and a 333 bus back to sittingbourne.A grey and windy day,but very pleasant nonetheless.
Traces of the WW1 rail line to the jetty remain

A narrow guage railway ran from Davington to the explosives factory,this rail line has been used to strengthen the concrete.the works blew up in April 1916

Harty ferry the Southern shore

7 miles 4 of us.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Just a short walk to compensate for the excess on saturday last.A pot of tea ,a little stroll around the aviary.
And a wary eye on the gathering clouds.
Did I mention we bunked in?
20 degrees dull/sunny 4 chaps 4 miles.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

McMillan's Nurses Charity walk North Downs way

It was decided to go for sponsorship for the above charity on a walk of 15+ miles Chilham to Lenham along the NDW.Following overnight thunderstorms,the WX was quite kind to us,a hazy sun,an occasional breeze ,no rain ,and firm underfoot.Six of us RV at lenham and caught the train to Chilham.We had undertaken this walk in the middle of winter and this was quite a contrast.After Chilham we went into the Kings Wood and had our first break in the coppiced area .Our next stop was the pub at Boughton Aluph,where we had time for a quick half.A little further on we stopped for sandwiches at St Mary's abandoned church at Eastwell.
We met up with another 3 of our walkers just past Charing and managed to make it to Lenham,where we again gravitated to a pub.
More details will be posted as to amounts raised etc as they become vailable.
Thats Tea

Love interest


At this point we were a little tired

London Pride

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


 A lovely day starting with a 7 bus from the west station to wateringbury,then we walked all the way along the towpath.The BBMF Lancaster flew over in salute.A new graded path was a little tiring to walk on,but will be an improvement in muddy weather.
An ice cream in maidstone whilst waiting for the bus.And an argument with an old git who thought I had pushed in the bus queue.

5 of us 6 miles 23C nice walk.