Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Conyer Creek to Faversham along the sea wall.

Meeting at Sittingbourne and catching the 344 bus to Conyer and then along the sea wall and a 333 bus back to sittingbourne.A grey and windy day,but very pleasant nonetheless.
Traces of the WW1 rail line to the jetty remain

A narrow guage railway ran from Davington to the explosives factory,this rail line has been used to strengthen the concrete.the works blew up in April 1916

Harty ferry the Southern shore

7 miles 4 of us.


  1. That's a nice selection of photos, of a landscape that I'm used to on the Sheppey side.

  2. Hi Derek
    Spelling mistakes unable to edit so a re post.
    Thanks for comment,I was actually thinking that, at the time.We discussed whether it was possible to walk across the Ferry route but then someone pointed out that's why the Ferry was there.
    A bit of a gloomy day but very peaceful with just the sea birds calling .I much prefer this to working for a living.

  3. Hello - You may be interested to know that the tug Meeching used to be owned by British Railways (Sealink) and was based at Newhaven for many years. It was used to assist with berthing of the ferries during bad weather.


  4. Hi Glen how did the long distance walk go?
    I used to do the ship's radio on the Falaise,a name that strikes terror.It was based at Newhaven it was in the days when radio's were not reliable.

  5. I finally wrote my post about my long distance walk....