Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cobham Woods

There's a double post of this bench seat picture,the edit facility will not allow me to delete it.Sorry for delay posting owing to these problems.I know people in Fallon Nevada,Brazil,and even Gravesend are keen to see where we have been this week.
RV @ Shorne country park,off the A2 at Gravesend.Off down to Park Pale and over the A2 (Roman road Watling Street)and the High Speed Rail link where a train went past us at 300kph a few feet away.
Into the woods,a very nice day ,sunny with fluffy clouds and fresh feeling after the recent 2 day heatwave and thunder.Some nice views towards blue Bell Hill and the Medway Valley.Across the fields into the girl's school at Cobham Manor ,and electric fence forcing us to climb over a gate.Then back to the Country Park for a cup of tea.
4 or 5 miles (and 5 chaps)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WYE (Oh Why)

We forgot our cameras.RV opp the Church and off to the Stour Valley walk in a light drizzle,an aperitif ,for that which was to follow.As we walked through the Oil Seed,which was dry,it started to rain,and then rain heavily.
It was remarked that two of us had left our waterproof trousers at home,one his boots,and another his heavy duty waterproof jacket.After a lot of wading through wet grass and crops we decided to cut the walk short and return via the (dangerous)roads.So we have learned a lesson(take all your kit)(and remember a camera)
here's the radar pic of the rain as justification .
4 chaps 4 miles,very wet ,downcast.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Where the family Forge was

Urinal?Drinking fountain?-you decide

Charlie Alpha Tango

Local art on a builders hoarding

In NZ they have a Brassiere fence this is Broadstair's Flotsam fence

Just a walk from Broadstairs to Ramsgate and back along the prom and the clifftop.
tea and Bread Pudding and a portion of chips,    see you in ICU.

5 miles 4 chaps grey and overcast

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Meeting in the village ,after a cup of tea at the local cafe,we set off and took the KCC approved
route map to the quarry,famous for its local sand.We stopped half way and did a "Last of the summer wine"
by reposing in a playing field at cloud spotting.
Lots of Sheep S*** was encountered.

Couldn't see the sand martins that were there last time.

6 miles 4 chaps,rain/sun/wind/dry.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Benenden Roman Road and Ford and getting lost

This is the Roman Road

The Roman Ford  1.6 OHC

A couple of fine upstanding chaps,can I be warned next time so that I can pose?

I was going around in circles here and not paying attention to the verbal hints.

RV@ Hemsted Forest my colleagues having transported a wasp on their windscreen from Sittingbourne ,I wonder if it went all the way back home with them.Why no picture?Anyway off through the girl's school grounds (holiday time so no breach of probation)and then on to the Roman Road.According to my research which is of the same high standard as my map reading,Harold(of Hastings fame)came down here with his army after defeating the Vikings,on his way to lose 6-0 to the French.We stopped a couple of times,once outside the church at Benenden village green .Towards the end of the walk I was disorientated and we walked in a large circle,adding 2  miles to the walk.I have been issued with a verbal warning(in Saxon)
I fell asleep when I sat down at home despite my best efforts not to.
8 miles 4 chaps hot sunny lovely views.

Rhododendron =Rose Tree

A large fish that likes digestive biscuits

Last of the summer Whine?

Oh to be in England (and not be lost)