Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mereworth-Wateringbury Greensand and Medway.

You've got to be a skilled backwoodsman to get this close.

Where's he got to now?

Stanly Spencer ?

This was humid like the Malayan Jungle,a Japanese soldier tried to surrender to us,being unaware that the war was over (and a few new ones had started.)

We had to get our machetes out here

RV @ Bearsted 501 park and ride to the West station than a #7 to mereworth church.Down the dangerous A26 and then off road on the Greensand Way.Passing Nettlestead Church and Roydon Hall
(home of the Twisden family)then to Nettlestead Green,and Yalding,where we set off along the Medway river bank.
At Wateringbury we climbed the hill to the bus stop having called in for a Magnum ice cream on the way.A 2 minute wait(to cancel out my earlier debacle),then on to Maidstone where we caught a 501 back to the nicer side of town.
More pictures later(if you behave yourself and sit up straight with your hands in your lap)

6 miles 5 chaps, overcast,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Himalayan Eagle Owl or,as I should have called it a Bengalese Eagle Owl.
With Impressionist filter "on"
A bus ride to Doddington from Sittingbourne and then back across the fields and orchards via Lynsted where we stopped for coffee and I scrumped a kilo of black cherries.
Grey,mild,6 chaps 6 miles.