Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Look carefully you will see a couple of chaps lurking in the woods.

RV @ the car park on the top of the hill along from the Church.We crossed over and meandered around the estate ,Storm clouds were gathering and waterproofs went on,just in time,and we carried on around the periphery.Its all "right to roam"so we were not too bothered where we went,we stopped overlooking the Len Valley from the North Downs for our coffee on one of the benches dotted about.Waterproofs came off,then went on again.
This will enlarge with a double click
Thats the other side of the Medway flood plain at Snodland
About 5 miles 4 of us rainy,windy.

 MV Pocahontas is full, so no trip next week.

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